Ep. 24 - Fasting and Vacation, Business Travel, Work at Home | 72-Hour Fast Momentum, Fasting with Children | Cravings, Metabolism, Diet Plans | Customize Your Fasting Plan

Jun 09, 2020

Customize to Accelerate | 3 Types of People | Routine Maintenance

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss the one thing that sets The Fasting For Life Method apart from other plans. This...

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Ep. 23 - Listener Fasting Q&A | Exercise, Nausea, Metabolic Gum, & Sleep Patterns | Customized Fasting Plans, Accountability, and Coaching

Jun 05, 2020


Q & A | Customize Your Plan | Registration is Closing

In this bonus episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss the upcoming Fasting For Life Experience that is starting on June 12th!...

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Ep. 22 - Insulin, Blood Sugar, Disease Prevention | Sleep Apnea, PCOS, Triglycerides, Cardiovascular Disease, Atherosclerosis | Live Challenge Experience | Customized Intermittent and Extended Fasting Plan

Jun 02, 2020

28 Days to Greatness | Hyperinsulinemic? | What to do instead

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy reveal a BIG announcement that they have been working on for months! Listen in for details on the...

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Ep. 21 - Fat Loss Plateau, Weight Set Point, Calorie Deficits, One Week of OMAD | Macros, Keto Flu, Glycogen Water Weight | Keto vs. Fasting | Start Intermittent and Longer Extended Fasting with your Free Fasting Plan

May 26, 2020

12 Weeks To Nowhere | One Day = 1 Week | Paradigm Shift

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss one of the industry-standard frameworks for weight loss. The 12-week plan typically contains a...

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Ep. 20 - Fasting to pay down calorie "debt" | "I already ate this meal" | Fasting Psychology, Raising your Metabolism, Visualization for Weight Loss | Working Fasting into your Life | Get your Free Intermittent Fasting Plan

May 19, 2020

Calorie Debt Reduction | I Already Ate This Meal | Stories of a 3 Year Old

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss an interesting way to look at meals that have already been "eaten." By...

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Ep. 19 - Why "Eat Less, Move More" diets fail for fat loss? | How do cardio, The Biggest Loser, and cognitive dissonance affect results? | Cravings, Addictions, Willpower, Nutrition, Hormones, & Fasting Science | Start With Your Free Fasting Plan

May 12, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss the Eat Less, Move More paradigm of dieting and losing weight. This model has been shown to fail time and time again, and they give their perspective...

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Ep. 18 - Getting Started Fasting, First Steps | Reverse Diabetes, High Risk Fasting, Take Back Your Health | Decide to Start Fasting Today, Download Your Intermittent Fasting Plan

May 05, 2020

 Ramblings | Health Now | Just Do It

In this episode, Dr Scott and Tommy talk about the state of the union of health, the new normal of day-to-day life, and being high risk during riskier...

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Ep. 17 - 50 Pounds Fasting Weight Loss with 24-48 Hour Fasts, Ketosis, Glycogen Stores | Lifestyle Design, One Meal A Day | Precision Intermittent Fasting Plan

Apr 28, 2020


50 in 50 | Consistency | Starvation (not)

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss how Scott lost 50 pound in 50 days. The question was posed by a listener and they take this...

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Ep. 16 - Fasting Q&A, Should Children Fast? Fasting to Lose Pregnancy Weight | Fasting Macros, Carbs During Eating Window | Childhood Obesity, Healthy Foods For Kids | Free Intermittent Fasting Plan

Apr 21, 2020

Macros | Maintenance Fasting | Q&A Take 2

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy answer listener questions from how to maintain your ideal weight and adjust your fasting schedule to losing...

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Ep. 15 - 72-hour Extended Fasting, Fasting Advice, Longer Fast Prep | What to Eat Before a Fast | How to Break a Longer Fast | Begin Fasting with Your Free OMAD Fasting Plan

Apr 14, 2020

The Sweet Spot | 72 Hours | How to Prep

In this episode, Tommy and Dr. Scott discuss one of Tommy's favorite and most powerful fasting techniques, the 72-hour fast. Most people are familiar with...

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