Ep. 162 - How Jill Lost 40 Pounds with Fasting and Reached her Maintenance Weight | Fasting Mindset for Fat Loss | Fasting Success Story | Free Intermittent Fasting Plan Blueprint to Fat Loss | Fasting Challenge

Jan 31, 2023


-Did the holidays nip you in the bud and get you off track? OR the holiday hangover is finally wearing off? Not to worry!


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Ep. 158 - 2023 Launch Formula - Intention, Consistency, Guidance and Reflections from 2022! | Free Intermittent Fasting Plan for OMAD

Jan 03, 2023

In today’s episode, we hit the highlights from 2022 and outline the most impactful and important topics from the last 12 months.  You can use this episode as a mental reset for a fresh...

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Ep. 157 - The Fasting Wheel of Life | The Basic Benefits of Fasting | Free Intermittent Fasting Plan for OMAD

Dec 27, 2022

In today’s episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss the basic benefits of fasting, the fasting wheel of life, how to make fasting adaptable to become part of our lifestyle, a study about four and...

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