Ep. 88 - Snickers Fast Bar?! Fasting Foods?! Blood Sugar Lowering Meal Plans | Bulletproof Coffee, Keto Ice Cream | Free Intermittent Fasting Plan for OMAD

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2021

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Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss a recent trend in marketing involving "softening" the fasting lifestyle to allow more room for food, supplements, and hacks. Understanding the benefits of true fasting and considering what is given up during "augmented fasting" have long-term implications and impact many measures of success.


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Fasting For Life Ep. 88

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:01] Hello, I'm Dr. Scott Watier,

Tommy Welling: [00:00:03] And I'm Tommy Welling, and you're listening to the Fasting for Life podcast.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:08] This podcast is about using fasting as a tool to regain your health, achieve ultimate wellness and live the life you truly deserve. Each episode is a short

Tommy Welling: [00:00:17] Conversation on a single topic with immediate, actionable steps. We cover everything from fat loss on health and wellness to the science

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:23] Of lifestyle design. We started fasting for life because of how fasting has transformed our lives, and we hope to share the tools that we have learned

[00:00:30] Along the way.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:40] Hey, everyone, welcome to the Fasting for Life podcast. My name is Dr. Scott Watier, and I am here, as always, with my good friend and colleague, Tommy Welling. Good afternoon to you, sir.

Tommy Welling: [00:00:48] Hey, Scott, how are you?

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:49] Great. My friend, as always, excited for another great conversation today around the fasting lifestyle in the insulin friendly lifestyle, the fasting journey that has allowed us to transform our lives, get our lives back. And now we are in the midst of challenge prep week, as we've been running these challenges every six to eight weeks for almost the last year and a half now. And just lots of new energy, new resources come in. You and I talk about fasting pretty much 24/7, right. And I love it. So that's why I love doing the podcast, because we get to digest some of the things that we come across in the conversations we have and the groups that we're in and the projects that we're working on. And we get to kind of talk through them and come out with some actionable things for you guys. The dedicated listener can can go and put into your day to day life. Now, there's no no reason to wait. There's no diet starting on Monday. The fasting lifestyle is a real living, breathing thing. And I'm super excited to talk through some of the most ridiculous stuff that we've heard around fasting. And we're going to start there in just a second. But any opening thoughts there, Tommy, as I kind of set the stage here for you guys that are new? Don't worry. We're going to have some cool conversation today and some action steps for you at the end.

Tommy Welling: [00:02:12] Yeah. You know, I love that you said the diet doesn't start on Monday because that was that was such an old mentality, black and white thing that I fell into just for so, so, so long. And, you know, that's actually the reason why we're going to start this next challenge coming up here on a Wednesday, which I think is already ruffling a few feathers. You know,

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:02:32] They're not happy. No. They're like, what are you doing? Like, it's fine.

Tommy Welling: [00:02:36] Now, we're going to start on a Wednesday. It's going to be cool. And, you know, we're going to we're going to kind of dovetail right into that. We got some guidance going into that coming off of the weekend before. But it's going to be it's really cool. It's going to be a great challenge. You know, every every time we do this, we look to level it up and and we take all the feedback from the previous one, and we just keep taking it to the next level. It's going to be fun. So I'm looking forward to it. September 8th,

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:03:01] September 8th through the 14th, you click the link in the show, notes, more details. But let's spare the conversation of the challenges for now. And let's get into one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen in the fasting world. And it is a Snickers fast bar.

Tommy Welling: [00:03:22] And I don't even know what that means.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:03:25] I don't understand. So there is a bar that has been created that is that is using the marketing genius of. The hot topic in the weight loss world, one of the things that we see a lot is the word fasting or intermittent fasting. It's something that's becoming much more mainstream. Yeah, and there's a handful of companies out there. We get emails every single week because of the podcast, hey, we have this new product. Would you like to promote X, Y and Z or, hey, we have this new keto fast supplement or hey, we have this new fast bar or hey, we have. And we came across this Snickers bar that is designed by Snickers. So like the company that makes the candy bars. Right. That is a bar that is ideally created to help with a fasting lifestyle. And if I couldn't think of a more. Crazy thought like, oh, you're fasting, here's a Snickers bar. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good candy bar every now and then. I'm not a I'm not a.. Snickers or I just don't see this relationship being a one that's that's based on a solid foundation.

Tommy Welling: [00:04:41] Yeah. The juxtaposition on the ad that I saw was just it makes me want to just stare at it, you know, because the idea that that these two things would be put together, you know, fasting. And you know what? What I've seen fasting do for so many people and put that together with a candy bar, you know, is like, um, I don't know which direction this is going, but it it doesn't seem to be the one that's going to be supportive for most people's long term goals.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:05:15] So at one point, I still don't know if this is real. So if it comes back, this is just like an Internet meme and I've gotten fooled by the Internet apologies. But it started the conversation, right?

Tommy Welling: [00:05:29] It's getting people's attention for sure.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:05:30] Yeah, it is. So I don't know if this is just I've been duped again. You know, about to be 40 this year. Yeah. Might be a marketing ploy. Kind of fallen behind, you know, in the in the in the technology realm. You know, there's all these new things that I just don't understand. So maybe I'm being duped. Maybe it's a meme and even know how to say that word a few years ago. And then my staff told me one day and we all had a good laugh, French background. I thought it was like Moema, like a French grandma, like graduate. Is this started the thought process to me. And we get this question and we kind of digested it a little bit. And I was like, wait a minute, this is a common question. So there's another company out there that creates the fast bar and there's other companies and programs out there for weight loss that based the principle on eating, you know, a hundred calorie, little small snacks or meals that are processed to be the ideal macronutrient and micronutrients system to allow you to get the greatest benefit in blood sugar control. And, you know, for your body to be able to regulate and lose weight and

Tommy Welling: [00:06:41] Almost trying to fly under the radar. Right. Like food, but kind of like stealth food.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:06:46] Yeah, like fasting foods. Like there's this category or this thing out there where it's like fasting with food. And I'm like, well, no, that's the opposite of fasting. Right. The definition of fasting is, you know, truly a water fast is fasting. Anything outside of that is you're operating in the gray area. And depending on your goals and your long term sustainability of how you want to adapt the fasting lifestyle, there's different considerations that you can take into account. Some people like black coffee and and teas, and then some people take, you know, electrolyte drinks. And then there's the conversation about sweeteners. And we're not going to get into that today, because that's one of my least favorite conversations, because my thing is, is what is what what is the the sustainable thing that is going to work long term for you that's going to get you the result. So there's this idea out there, and I did this personally. So before I started fasting, you know, I'd done all the thousands of dollars and metabolic testing and was leading you know, I had thousands of patients that I've helped lose weight, but I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any better. And, you know, similar frustration to your story. If you guys are new, go back and listen to the first couple of episodes. You can hear why we started doing this. And so I had a mentor of mine who told me about a program that he was doing some coaching with. And I bought a month's supply of food. And I was doing all of the snacks and the shakes and the soups

Tommy Welling: [00:08:09] And the fasting, fasting food. Right.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:08:12] This was this was not the fasting program, but it was something similar. And all of it was based off of. Limiting the spikes in your in your blood sugar. So every eating a meal, every two to two and a half hours in a meal was about a hundred calories.

Tommy Welling: [00:08:28] Ok, so like a micro meal.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:08:30] Yeah. So it was a bar or a protein bar or a soup or a little muffin or there was all these like. I don't say process, but programmed amounts of ingredients in each one that was supposed to be the ideal delivery of macaron micronutrients. So OK, and then you have one meal a day and you get to a lean and green meal. You get to eat, you know, like proteins of veggies. And I loved it because I was struggling with staying consistent, doing IVF in Quito, and my sleep is getting worse. And I just couldn't figure out why. And the problem was, obviously, my insulin was way out of whack and my hormones. Yeah. So we have a new insulin assessment. You guys can go to the website under the resources to sign up. It'll get emailed to you. It's the insulin assessment. But I did this for for 30 days. And by the third week I tracked my numbers throughout the entire thing. And my blood sugar, my morning fasted state blood sugar numbers had jumped by 30 points. Wow. They went from 90 to 120. And I think I had a couple of readings in the one 30s in that fourth week. So I never actually ended up finishing. The four week program and ended up with all these little like leftover meals, and one of the things that, you know, the Snickers bar was, again, if it's fake, you got me Internet, you win Snickers. Great, great. Promoting great marketing, right? Right. But the the idea here is, you know, within our groups and in the community group and our challenge groups and a lot of the questions we get through Facebook, Messenger email, you know, is always around that. What breaks the fast or can I put in? This drinking chocolate, the sugar free drinking chocolate or what about.

Tommy Welling: [00:10:17] Oh, yeah.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:10:17] What about bulletproof coffee right now?

Tommy Welling: [00:10:20] Like little optimizers, little hack's, little like, hey, drop this into your next fast. It'll make it that much more enjoyable or it'll spike your ketones. Like if if if we were just chasing ketone numbers, for example, then we even have exoticness ketones right where we could put some drops into our coffee or put some drops under your tongue. Right in and out of here or there. Yeah. Artificially enhance your ketone levels, but that that doesn't inherently make the fast any better. In fact, those those ketone calories that you're bringing in are actually going to pause the process of you tapping into your long term fat stores, which, again, depending on your your long term goals, that that might not be an issue for you. But if you're looking to tap into those long term fat stores, then why bring more calories in just to artificially introduce more ketones, right?

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:11:17] Yeah, if you want if you want fasting, hack's, your guy is going good. Just go to Dave Asprey, right? Waterproofed Coffee, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and brain octane and all those things and all those products. Right. So if you want that, go for it. We don't really subscribe to one, you know, way of fasting or one way of eating or one type of meal planning. Right. Like carnivore versus paleo versus low carb versus keto, where everybody is a little bit different. And really, when we look at all of these little things that we've mentioned, so the fasting food bars, the Snickers bar. God, I hope it's real. We're going to get roasted for that. If if Internet got me bulletproof coffee outside of your fasting window. Yeah. There's a benefit to bulletproof coffee because it's higher fat. So it'll keep you in the ketosis state longer. But it's definitely breaks the fast. And then the exoticness ketones one time is always interesting to me because I did it for a while. Mm hmm. And if you're using those for your energy boost or a pre workout or you sleep better, you notice your energy a little better. That's great. But when we talk about that, there's three different types of ketones. And this is a question we get sometimes, too, is like, hey, I tested my ketones and I ate this cheto ice cream and it didn't kick me out of ketosis.

Tommy Welling: [00:12:40] Sure. Right. Right.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:12:42] Great. But you definitely broke a fast.

Tommy Welling: [00:12:44] Sure. Yeah, that's a that's a great point. Very big difference there between breaking a fast and breaking ketosis or significantly reducing your ketones.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:12:55] Yeah. So it's like, OK, what's your long term goal if you are if you want ice cream to be a part of your life, which I do, I like ice cream from every now and then. I'm not a big sweet person. But yeah, those those new ice creams out there, there are some that are lower caloric, dense, that have better quality products in it. Some are not. You know, if you look at some of the some of the alternative milks out there, they're actually probably worse than the real one.

Tommy Welling: [00:13:28] Yeah. Or super artificial sweeteners, too.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:13:30] Yeah. Yeah. Sensitivities were not. So really the idea here is, you know, making that distinction between fasting and not fasting. Right. So like what's your reference point in why are you fasting? And most people come to fasting for weight loss, which we totally understand. I came to fasting because you told me to. And I was completely dumbfounded by the lack of results that I've been able to get over almost a course of two decades. Yeah.

Tommy Welling: [00:13:56] So I joined fasting because of desperation, because of underlying insulin resistance that I didn't really understand why it was happening in such a I just couldn't get predictable results from any other diet or weight loss regimen. No matter what I did or how vigilantly I tracked. I just I just couldn't get predictable results that that would actually stick.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:14:19] Yeah, and I know this this conversation has been a little bit all over the place compared to some of the, you know, the conversations we have on the podcast and some of the trainings we read. But the reality was that all of these different things kind of fell into that same category of complicating confusing factors. Right. Right. And what we want is simplification. And this just popped into my head. We just received a permittee. Really cool if I could play this. But I don't know if that's possible. But we just got a a voicemail so you can actually send us a voice message. Yeah. On on our website. We love those. Yeah, it's super cool. I'm not great at responding via voice message because I somehow don't get it to send properly. But anyway, it just made me think of one of the messages that we've gotten recently. And it's a cool story because it speaks to the simplification of how powerful fasting can be and not falling into the trap of all of this other stuff that we've been talking about. Now, don't get me wrong, again, the Snicker's fast bar is intriguing because I bet it tastes darn good. But if it's

Tommy Welling: [00:15:26] If it's real.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:15:27] If it's real. Right. Right. If it's real. So let me pull this. Let me see if I can do this. You think I can pull this off in live time here? I'm not sure.

Tommy Welling: [00:15:33] Probably. I think I think your tech skills are are high enough at this point. I think you're going to get it. But you know what? What I what I also think is interesting about about the whole Snickers bar thing is, is just the fact that the the marketing efforts behind that and like how much more of that stuff we're seeing at this point, which is like, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, the don't don't fast, like don't be such a hardcore faster. Right? Like like leave some room for for something like two to make it even better, right? Yeah.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:16:04] Leave some room for food. Right.

Tommy Welling: [00:16:06] So don't don't don't flip it on like a light switch. Let's be let's be a little easy with it and like trying to soften it up a little bit. But, you know, those boundaries that we create within within our fast, even if it's a short or fast, it doesn't have to be, you know, a seven day fast. It could be a 12 hour fast. But just just the boundaries that allow that that insulin time to come down. And that's why, again, we're going to encourage you, like understand your insulin resistance. So then you can start you can start putting that together with with your fasting. And that's why I think, you know, this this voicemail was really cool to speak to that as well.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:16:43] All right. Let me see. I think I got it within Eminem mini M.D. Is that the correct pronunciation there included here? So let's see. Let's see how this goes.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:16:52] I started with you guys. Uh, listen to your podcast, the beginning of April. I'm now down forty eight pounds. Wow. And feeling great off of my diabetes medicines, off the insulin. My numbers continue to be outstanding. And I want to say thank you. I'm doing. Last week's challenge this week, because we needed to have it and just have really, really enjoyed the quality and the. Effort that you guys have put into making the training relevant and interesting and without as many left turns, if you will. So keep up the good work, guys.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:17:47] So I didn't realize that there was there was that much in there. But I remember her posting recently in the group, and now it's 50 pounds down since April 3rd. And I lost one of the things she says here is learning to adjust to neumi to my new body, et cetera. And I'm going to stick with fasting. I don't have a weight loss girl, but I'm a stick with fasting for a long term goal. So, yeah, I mean, just if we couldn't harp on getting rid of all the fluff that this this this episode started with, and just getting back down to the action step today, this voicemail or this testimonial is really speaking to exactly that.

Tommy Welling: [00:18:31] Yeah, it absolutely is. Like she just has such a cool story. She signed up, she she heard the podcast, and then she signed up for a challenge in back in May when she she started in April, and I believe she had about 80 pounds. Was her was her her rough kind of first goal whenever she started. And, you know, to be 50 pounds down since April. It's it's just incredible. It's doing great. And I don't know, it's just it's it's so cool to see the the long term impact that that fasting can have. Just really, really cool.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:19:07] Yeah. So here's the takeaway for today's episode. Don't get duped by the Internet. Possibly. That's always a good, wholesome fasting foods is not a real thing. You're the fasting, you're not. And that's really where I want everyone listening. If you've been with us for a while, if you're new to fasting, really, really try to keep it simple. Try not to overcomplicate it. Try to keep it simple. Simply start by. Opening and closing your eating and fasting windows consistently over the course of a couple of weeks, and you should see some dramatic change now. The voicemail we shared is someone that drove all in and went. You know, full speed ahead had dabbled with some fasting prior to, you know, started the podcast about a month before her first challenge and then, boom, she's in 10 days later. She now knows this is a long term solution. And now we're looking at a whole new person here in the middle, middle, middle to end of August. Right. So if you're new to the Fasting for Life podcast, if you're new to fasting, you've been fasting, but you've been struggling to stick with it or stay consistent. The action step for today is simply removing all of the fluff and looking at keeping your starting and stopping times for your fasting and eating windows consistent over the next two to four weeks.

Tommy Welling: [00:20:34] Yeah, and I'm going to give one more action stop, because if you're if you're listening and you have been having trouble making it stick or finding some consistency. Now is the time because we're about to go all in on the next hour. That's where that's where that voicemail that's where she started it. It will help you see that consistency that you've been looking for, the energy, the accountability, the encouragement that's in there. We kind of bring it all together with with past challenges, too. It's just a really, really cool thing. So I'm going to encourage you go to the website, sign up. The time is now and. And I'm just I'm just looking forward to seeing some incredible results from this challenge against you.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:21:17] Yep. Sure enough, more information, put the show notes, you can get more info on the challenge. If you're looking for information about us or our free resources, you can go to the website WFB w the fasting for life dot com. Got a bunch of new stuff coming. Next up on our list is Challenge Week. Thank you all for listening. Tommy, as always, thank you for the conversation. And we will talk soon.

Tommy Welling: [00:21:37] Thank you. Bye. So you've heard today's episode and you may be wondering, where do I start? Head on over to the fasting for life dot com and sign up for our newsletter where you'll receive fasting tips and strategies to maximize results and fit fasting into your day to day life.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:21:53] While you're there, download your free fast start guide to get started today. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Make sure to leave us a five star review. And we'll be back next week with another episode of Fasting for Life.


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