Ready to See Fasting Results like Never Before? 

Intermittent and Extended Fasting made Simple & Effective!



Day by day, we walk you through using FAST CYCLING with a custom 7-Day fasting plan proven to get you results like you've never seen before!

We are live on Zoom and in our private Facebook Challenge group every day for training and Q&A, so you know exactly what to do, why you're doing it, and how to stick to it each day to maximize your progress during the challenge and long after it's over!

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7-Day Guided Ramp-Up Challenge Gives You:

  • 7-Day Guided Fasting Schedule

  • Daily Live Webinar  Training with Dr. Scott & Tommy

  • On-Demand Video Replay

  • Daily Live Q&A Sessions

  • Premium Facebook Group Access During Challenge

  • Daily Quick Review Summaries

  • Lifetime Access to Video Library & Resources

  • Daily Action Step Emails

  • Daily Text Message Alerts (U.S. Numbers Only)


    During this Challenge You Will...

  • Break through fat loss plateaus!

  • Master the best fasting times to accelerate fat loss

  • Learn the science and safety of using fasting for weight and health goals

  • Conquer weekend hunger

  • DESIGN your fasting maintenance plan

  • Learn how to rev up your metabolism while melting fat

  • Master the WHY of using Fast Cycling to reach your ideal body composition

  • Meal Planning to maximize insulin sensitivity and decrease hunger

  • BONUS! Rules for optimizing resistance and cardio training

  • BONUS! Supplements: Q&A - Which ones to take and When

  • BONUS! The FIVE Pillars of Meal Timing

  • BONUS! Rules for navigating social functions


    Energy + Support = MOMENTUM!


  • This LIVE EXPERIENCE is for those who have tried and struggled with Fasting OR are ready to break through a sticking point.

  • It's not your FAULT -- you just don't have the MAP to DECODE Fasting. Here it is! 


We will decode

Intermittent Fasting

and IGNITE your Fat Loss!

JANUARY 12 - 18!

Does this work for people like me?


Meet some recent challengers who will be with you in the Private Group and Live Trainings!

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