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fasting mindset motivation Jan 02, 2020

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In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss how this new endeavor came about. The who, what, when, where and WHY of the podcast and more importantly WHY fasting gave them their lives back! They breakdown the basic layout of the podcast and cast a brief vision of the impact they hope to impart upon the listeners.

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Hello, I'm Dr. Scott Watier. And I'm Tommy Welling. And you're listening to the Fasting for Life podcast.

This podcast is about using fasting as a tool to regain your health. Achieve ultimate wellness and live the life you truly deserve.

Each episode is a short conversation on a single topic with immediate, actionable steps. We cover everything from fat loss and health and wellness to the science of lifestyle design.

We started fasting for life because of how fasting has transformed our lives and we hope to share the tools that we have learned along the way.

Hello, everybody, my name is Dr. Scott Water and I'm here with my friend and colleague Tommy Welling. What's going on, Tommy?

Nothing much got excited to be here. How you doing?

Awesome, man, super excited as well. This is the inaugural episode 0 of the Fasting for Life podcast. You and I have been talking about this day and this moment in time for the last few months as we've gone through the creative process to come to this very moment. It's just life changing. Two thousand 19s for both of us. Just amazing transformational things that have taken place. And we've really just gotten to this point where we've decided that this is something that we're going to take to the world in 2020. So no better time than to start now. And I know absolutely your 19 was great. So in terms of your health and weight loss journey, what was it? What's 2019 look like for you so far?

Man, it's been it's been awesome, like you said, you know, so far. But my big goal when when 2015 rolled around was to finally take control of my weight and my health had a few new issues popping up and some some weight that I've just been accumulating over the years. Just a couple of pounds here, a couple of pounds there. But over, you know, 20 years or so it all added up. And so, yeah, I felt myself, you know, really getting frustrated with the process. And and by the time I kind of got hooked on onto fasting meter early. Twenty nineteen. Here we are. And I'm down forty one pounds at this point. What about you.

Yes, that is awesome. So with your guidance starting on Father's Day of 2019, I jumped in, followed your lead and you guided me to 50. Just shy of 50 pounds in 50 days.

And yeah, just remember you used to go, you were like you're melting and like, I know. So we slowed that down a little bit and I hovered between thirty eight and forty two depending on the day. Depending on the fat also. Yeah. And similar things man. Same stuff was doing everything right. Counting all the calories. And you know, there'll be people out there that must've said I was missing something or not doing it right. But you know, we'll tell the story of how we both ended up here. But yeah, I finally got control back in two thousand and nineteen so I could have done it without you. And now we're here to share the message with everybody else. So I know you've been talking absolutely personal, personally, privately, family, friends, kind of. What's the trend you've been seeing with those conversations?

Have you been having you know you know, if we hear a lot of things coming up over and over again, a lot of common, common trend lines, even though each story is so unique, you know, everybody has a history of, you know, why, why, why are they doing this? Why are they even considering it? What they've tried in the past and what they're doing it for, you know, whether it be just overall wellness, taking control, taking some of those medications out of their life that they're getting frustrated with or they keep having to dose up like insulin and other medications or, you know, they're just trying to feel better overall. And then they want to have that high quality of life. They they know they can do it. They're willing to put in the work or the effort. And then just something just doesn't seem to be to be taking hold and. Well, we'll talk about why that is and what some of the misconceptions are, what what holds people back from from even getting started on fasting, which is why we're here a week. We can't keep this bottled up any longer.

Awesome. And I followed, you know, I jumped right in once. You told me when you dropped that that knowledge, Bob, on me that day when we're hanging out with the families.

And I just you know, I trusted the process nuts. We're gonna get to that in just a second. But really, we want to lay this thing out for you guys of how we're going to bring this information. And these actionable day to day things that we're gonna have you do is you come onto the fasting train as we're as we're moving along. You're all going to be coming from different starting points, different backgrounds, different trials and errors in your health and weight loss journeys. And we don't want to make this just about that. We really want to talk about the four maxims of fasting and how we're going to organize this.

And those four maxims are gonna be mindset, motivation, method and mastery. So we're just going to roll them out real quick. The mindset, which is, number one, we're gonna ask that you forget where you know, when you come to us, we weren't going to ask that. You just kind of put all the knowledge you've accrued in the past, just on hold for a second and listen and digest and reflect and see if it if it you know, if you kind of resonate with it and if you fit, just like, you know, you and I have Tommy, we realize that, you know, this was this was, you know, the answer for us. And then the second one is motivation. So why are you here? Why did you why are you listening? You know, why are you. Joining us on our on our journey, you know, I always in all the speaking engagements I've done over the years, I've talked about people's why. So if people just wanted to lose weight, if that was truly their why and they were anchored to that, then we'd have a lot more healthier, ideal weight, more fit people in this world.

And right now, that's just what the statistics don't tell us. As they say, that 52 percent of the population has blood sugar related problems which lead to weight gain and heart problems and diabetes and cardiovascular disease and all those different types of things. So we're gonna really get down into the science of the lifestyle design of how to achieve that perfect life that you're looking for. And it comes down to what is your motivating factor? What is your why? So that's point number two. Number one was mindset. When you get here, forget what you know. Number two is motivation. What is your why and how we're going to reach you to that.

Yes. Third maxim of ours is method. We're going to ask that you trust the process. There is a process to this. You didn't get here overnight and you're not going to get out of it over. Right. No matter what your goals are. You know, we're going to tell you why fasting is the. Best and frankly, the only method to to restore your health and regain control over your body and over your wellness and your overall quality of life. But there is a process to it and we're going to ask that you trust it. And you're gonna see why soon. And the fourth maxim is mastery. You are in total control, whether it's weight loss, maximizing your health, quality of life, you are in control. And if you've been trying to regain that control for a long time, you probably have felt some form of learned helplessness over the years. And this is going to start undoing that in just an amazing way. So. Method and mastery.

Cool, so just to recap real quick, the four maxims mindset, motivation, method, mastery, we're gonna be rolling them out in the weeks to come. This is gonna be a week by week podcast. So every week we're going to drop an episode.

There may be some additional episodes in between. If there needs to be some clarification and we get a bunch of questions, we want this to be really conversational and there'll be a lot of feedback. We're gonna have, you know, Facebook challenges, holiday challenges. We're going to do a feasting to fasting challenge coming up in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for that. Tommy created this amazing fast start guide. Yes, that is intended to be be labeled that way that we want you to start today. We want you to get control as quickly as possible. And it's really the process that he did. And then he showed me how to do. So we're gonna have access to that.

And really both of us. And Tom, you can speak to this in just a second, because I don't want to put words in your mouth. But, you know, when we talk about this, it's really about the education and the ownership.

You know, your health is in your hands and you and I have been on similar journeys stand up to this point and it really comes with digesting information and then creating and using the science to design the life that you truly deserve. And that's really what I feel is going to set us apart from other fasting or intermittent fasting properties or Kito or low carb or no, we're not going to support any of those individually. But it's really just gonna come back down to you having ownership and control of your decision making and your health. So.

Yeah, absolutely, we're gonna give you the tools to work all those little things into the ins and outs of your day to day life. Everybody's life is is is different and there's no one size fits all method for anybody. But I think a lot of the advice out there is that if you do this one certain way, you will get exactly what everyone else is going to get as well. But that's the thing. This is this is a lifestyle and fasting is the easiest thing to work into your lifestyle. There's just always gonna be some questions, especially at the beginning to get going. And we're going to show you guys the fastest way to get past those initial hurdles and really get going and start taking control as quickly as is humanly possible.

And that's that's a key point in there, too, because I had done a lot of the things I and you just mentioned. And we'll we'll touch and we'll talk a lot about, you know, all of those different categories of approaches and stuff. And we're not one for all an awful one. And not fasting is the only way to do it.

But it's definitely the easiest and it's it's the quickest to get you the results you're looking for. And it's been sustainable. You know, that's that's the really, really a big thing for me, too, is that it's simple and sustainable. So I'm just super excited, man. This has been an eye opening experience over the last few months for me following your journey and then doing all the research and getting to this point. So just to recap real quick, the next up so we'll be out shortly. Web site is in process of being launched. We have the fast start guy that's being finished, which are really showing you the initial steps to get going. And then just to recap the four maxims we're gonna follow in kind of the rules of engagement here are gonna be mindset, motivation, method and mastery. So tell me anything else to add before we wrap up this first episode?

Yeah, I'm just I'm super excited to get started and get all those powerful messages that we've been talking about for so long. Get them out to everybody so everyone can start, you know, just enjoying 20/20 like we've been enjoying 2019.

Awesome, man. Super excited. Can't wait to be there with you on this journey. Have an awesome day. Yeah, me too. You too, Scott. All right.

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