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Ep. 23 - Listener Fasting Q&A | Exercise, Nausea, Metabolic Gum, & Sleep Patterns | Customized Fasting Plans, Accountability, and Coaching


Q & A | Customize Your Plan | Registration is Closing

In this bonus episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss the upcoming Fasting For Life Experience that is starting on June 12th! Registration closes this Sunday, June 7th. They discuss the...

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Ep. 14 - FAQs, Fasting Myths, Stomach Pains while Fasting | Eating Windows for Better Sleep | Forming New Habits Starting with a Free Intermittent Fasting Plan

Gastric Distress | Q & A | Sleep Habits

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy answer questions from listeners. They have received lots of questions, feedback and insights, and they want to keep the conversation going. They discuss gastric...

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Ep. 7 - Sleep Deprivation Stalls Fat Loss | Extended Fasting & Metabolism | Stress, Cortisol, Blood Pressure, Ghrelin | Eating Window & Free Fasting Plan

Bedtime | Breaking News | Blue Light Special

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy talk about the not so glamorous topic of sleep! They go into the reasons why sleep is so important along the health and weight loss journey, why it's a major player...

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