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In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy reflect on so many great #WINS and breakthroughs that listeners have shared over the past 100 episodes! They highlight the best episodes for newcomers to listen to in order to jumpstart their progress, and they announce the Fasting Wall of Fame to find encouragement and hope from fellow fasters.


Episodes Highlighted:

39. How to lose 30 pounds fasting

65. Common fasting mistakes

1. Our stories and how we got started with fasting

29. Hunger...is it real?

86. Metabolism, fact and fiction

8. 10,000 steps to nowhere

77. Dramatic effect of simply walking after dinner


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Fasting For Life Ep. 100.mp3

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:01] Hello. I'm Dr. Scott Watier

Tommy Welling: [00:00:03] And I'm Tommy Welling, and you're listening to the Fasting for Life podcast.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:08] This podcast is about using fasting as a tool to regain your health. Achieve ultimate wellness and live the life you truly deserve. Each episode is a short conversation on a single topic with

Tommy Welling: [00:00:18] Immediate, actionable steps. We cover everything from fat loss and health and wellness to the science of lifestyle design.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:00:25] We started fasting for life because of how fasting has transformed our lives, and we hope to share the tools that we have learned along the way. Hey, everyone, welcome to the Fasting for Life podcast. My name is Dr. Scott Watier and I am here, as always, with my good friend and colleague Tommy Welling. Good afternoon to you, sir. Today is a special day. How are you? I'm doing great. How are you? I am doing fantastic. It is the centennial. It is episode 100. We are going to make sure that this is not just a self-aggrandizing episode where we just talk about how amazing we are. But we're going to have a little bit of fun with it as well. Perspective from me, Tommy, just before we get into today, I never would have imagined that we would have made one hundred episodes. And if you know the podcasting industry, everybody has a podcast, especially over the last two years where things have gone more digital. This has given us an opportunity to reach more people and fulfill the mission and vision and impact that we're looking to do. Yeah. Casting for life But one of our coaches and mentors said, you know, get to twenty five and then get to 100 hundred and we're just back then. I never would have imagined that we would have made it to one hundred.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:01:50] We didn't even know that people wanted to hear the message that we had. So we're going to share some cool stats and some of our favorite episodes. And you know, Thanksgiving is two days away. So if you missed out on the last challenge that is literally wrapping up today, the last seven day challenge of the year, you know, it's OK. We have a plan for you, too. It's not too late and you don't have to wait until January one because we know what happens then as well. And the last thing is we're going to celebrate a lot of the wins and the victories that people have had and you guys have shared with us over the years, over the last two years, I can't believe I get to say that. And over the 100 episodes and the thousands of people going through the challenges and the emails and the Facebook messages and just all of the stuff and the podcast reviews. So shout out to you guys, we want this to be. Almost like a starting point, like like a reset. Tommy, like you had mentioned this, you're like for perspective wise, I like the way that you kind of explained it in, you know, OK, where do I start?

Tommy Welling: [00:02:58] Yeah, especially, you know, with with one hundred episodes, it's like, OK, cool fasting. There's a fasting podcast. I want to hear something. Where do I begin? When do I pick? Yeah, there's not like, I start here. Right? Yeah, there's not. Yeah, maybe there should be. But you know, like at a at one hundred, it seems like a really good time to just show kind of what's what's possible. Some of the cool stories that we've heard along the way, like you said, like they come to us from all different, all different angles, angles like we, we we wanted to. We wanted this to be conversational and it really is. And you never know where that conversation is going to take place. But we've heard some amazing stories over the last two years and just wanted to highlight some of those because they are just incredible and inspiring. I wish I had known some of those stories a couple of years back or even before then. It could have helped me get started a lot, a lot sooner than I did.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:03:52] Yeah. So I love that perspective because we've had the questions like, Well, where do I just found your podcast like, I love it. Thank you. And we're like, Great, I'm glad you're on the journey with us. And they're like, OK, what are your like? Which ones do I go to first? And not everyone is going to go and binge all one hundred of them, which I totally understand. I get sick of my own voice, so I totally get it. But like, what's a quick hit list? Like, where are some of the ones that people have gotten the most impact from? So we're going to give you five or six today, but again, to your to your bigger point there, tell me that this can be a a a a reset or an anchor to go back to when you're needing a little bit more motivation, when you're needing a little bit to pick me up and it's going to be a celebration of the wins and the victory. So in our challenges, in our in our in our verbiage and in our tone, we talk a lot about hashtag wins, hashtag S-VHS, non scale victories, hashtag why? Like, what's your motivation? Don't start a diet because you're just going to die if you don't have the right motivation and intention behind it. So you have to have the right mindset and then the motivation, and then you learn the method and how you can use fasting and adopt it into a fasting friendly lifestyle or a fasting for life, lifestyle. And this should really be a celebration of you guys and a celebration of the work that you've put in. So we're going to share those just like we do on day seven is a celebration at the OR when we did 10 day challenges or a 28 day challenge.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:05:20] The last day was just a stream of celebration. It was just it was it was jazz hands. It was. It was balloon. Those little papa party poppers. It was, it was big foil balloons. It was like, you guys did it, you put in the win. So we're going to share those with you and then go over the episodes and then talk about, you know, if you're new to the podcast or if you're just missed out on the challenge, what you can do. So with that being said, Tommy, let's hop into some of the celebration today and just highlighting some of the amazing stories that you guys have shared with us, and we're going to share a really powerful one that really embodies. What it is, you know, when we turned on the mics, it really kind of embodies the vision that we had for empowering people to take back control of their health. It's not weight loss, it's health, it's quality of life. It's changing your path, it's the fork in the road and the fact that we have, you know, crazy, you know, in a few months, we'll be over a million downloads. We're in one hundred and forty nine different countries. I don't even know where that many countries, I don't know how they does, like Apple, have like a translation feature. Like, I don't know, I say y'all a lot like, I don't know if that translates to, I don't know, Budapest. I don't even know, is that a turkey? I don't even know if that's a country. I'm terrible in geography. So just crazy. But we want to celebrate those wins. So, yeah,

Tommy Welling: [00:06:49] Yeah, the the perspective here is that what's possible is just it's it's incredible. And like we had, we had talked about what what's what's best case scenario for how someone could where they could be coming into this journey and then what's possible if they see where other people have gone and how that perspective has changed and how their health has been transformed from the starting point. And it's it's just amazing some of the testimonials and just some of the stories because not like people have been fasting long before us and they're coming to us sharing their story. That doesn't it doesn't necessarily have to do anything with us, but they're excited that that they get to share that with, with somebody else who gets it, you know, like, Hey, I've been doing this thing on my own way over here, like, OK, like, where are you guys? I want to come, come join the party over here, you know, because it was it was lonely over there.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:07:44] And that's the crazy thing. Like, we have our continuity group, but we also have the community group, which there's a lot of fasting groups. I mean, there's groups on Facebook. I'm a part of all of them because I'm always trying to learn and, you know, get a pulse for for how we can make a greater impact and help more people. And it's like, you know, we started out like doing this an hour or two a week. Now we do it much, much more than that. Yeah, right. Like this is this is now become part of like my job, like a profession like this is this is where we're going and this is where we're taking it. But it's like thinking about that. You know, looking at getting down into like the nitty gritty of like, how do I do this and where do I go to get the support I'm looking for? You know, our community group, we had to stop mentioning it because so many people were joining it and we're like, we can't manage it like we don't have enough. There's not enough hands on deck to to respond to all the comments and questions and the emails and all that. So it's just been really cool to see that we've created a community. You guys are the community. We didn't create anything. We just told our story that you guys created this community where like to your point, Tom, you have a place to go to get the support and the insight that you're looking for. So let's hop into some of these Sheri's shares and we'll just we'll just go through rat a tat tat and Tommy, I know you'll you'll you'll drop some insights in between. So sure, I love some of these as the framework to your why and your mindset behind. Fasting in the use of fasting and how to adopt that lifestyle, so here's a hashtag Y to be as healthy as I can be for my kids and my husband. I want to live life with them, not just watch them live life without me. Yeah.

Tommy Welling: [00:09:21] Who if that's not what this is all about, like right now? Yeah. Being an active, active person within the life, not just observing, watching other people do it.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:09:34] Yeah. So here's a hashtag results. I can't believe I'm down ten point eight pounds so far. That was in one of our 10 day challenges. So you're like, Wait a minute, I thought you couldn't lose weight that fast. So you know how fast is too fast? And guess what? We have an episode on that. So it's like, Don't worry, we got you covered because there there's a lot of stuff out there. And that episode, you know, just just released. So how fast is too fast? You know, you can go back, that's episode ninety seven and just look at it and be like, OK, well, let's talk through weight. I can lose 10 pounds in 10 days. I didn't think that was possible, right? Here's another one. Hashtag win. And these are these are the these are the posts and the feedback that we're getting from everybody that's in our groups and in our in our sphere of influence, so to speak. This this woman is doing a longer fast with more experience 50 hour fast, five hours of solid reading, no problem with energy and motivation. The old bod seems to have gotten the memo. Now, the scale shift begins, and I just love that juxtaposition of the mindset there.

Tommy Welling: [00:10:47] Yeah. And then with with pictures to boot on that one because like she's kind of seeing things in a different light. I think like like look at the look at the impact I'm having in my little microcosm. The world around me here, you know, going through the weeds and like fixing things up, it was like, OK, like fasting starts with me and then I get to improve everything around me too.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:11:10] And it's cool the pictures because we're in an audio medium. The pictures are of her massive garden before and after, and it looks like something out of, you know, what's that big movie Lord of the Rings, right? Like the forest? And then after it's like, Whoa, there's like nice brick walls and definition and trimmed. You know, there's like an herb garden, and it's like five hours of work was shown in that visual. And it's just really cool. So hashtag why I want to keep going on with fasting because I've been off my insulin for five months and this is the best part. I'm not going back on it. If you are a diabetic or a pre-diabetic or you have people in your family like I did with my dad's journey and my dad's story, and he is no longer on insulin or off of 14 medications like you have the ability, you just have to operate outside of the status quo and sometimes operate on your own wavelength. But this should give you the inspiration that it is possible and we don't have one of these.

Tommy Welling: [00:12:11] We have hundreds. Yeah, yeah, this particular one, she's like, she has a megaphone in her hand and she's like screaming it from the rooftop to which is so great. She's excited about it.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:12:21] Yeah. Here's another one. I mean, here's the thing if you go to the American Diabetes Association or you talk to your doc, and it's not that the system or that website doesn't have a lot of good information because the tone of the diabetes recommendations, if you look at us or the UK or Australia or whatever, they're changing, but usually slowly. Yeah, it's 50 60 years behind, right? So it's just you can make this decision. And this change now, like Thanksgiving is two days from now, we're going to give you some frameworks to make this a successful holiday and not, you know, you know, the standard operating procedure of what to expect in terms of how the clothes fit and the New Year's resolutions coming up around the corner. But yeah, here's another one hashtag results, which segues perfectly into it. I went up, then I went down, then up and down this week. But today the scale shows that she's lost seven pounds and this was in, you know, this was one of our seven day challenges and we talk about the, you know, getting on the struggle bus and then being in the driver's seat and then getting back on the struggle bus. And you know that healthy relationship with the scale and food long term. So it's just cool to see that even in that short period of time. It doesn't have to take you six months like you can get started. And that's why we use hashtag wins, because getting the wins gives you the confidence.

Tommy Welling: [00:13:38] Yeah, absolutely. And sometimes it's it's like, it's like you said, breaking that negative relationship with the scale because over the years like that, that stuff really adds up. We don't even necessarily think about it, but I mean, you can you can easily get scared of stepping on to the scale or just the frustration. It can kind of like it can kind of ruin your day. I mean, that's kind of how you start off your day. And if you don't see the right number, then you know it can kind of all go downhill from there. If you have that, that negative history with it.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:14:03] And this is something that I love the this conversation here from from someone that from Abby and it says I need a little encouragement. I was doing well, completed my fast. I went a little food crazy when I broke it. And this is something we hear and this is also we did a, you know, an episode on on like fasting myths or misinformation as well. You know, when a little food crazy broke the fast, oh my gosh, I had chocolate like, oh oh my god, jazz hands. I can't do that. That's bad, right? I know we're not really counting calories, but I'd say that my numbers were this week. I have this. I have a new fast starting now. Like, did I ruin it? What do I do? I feel a little disheartened. And it was incredible to see the group come up around her and be like, No, like you. And this is what we talk about as well. There is no good or bad food. There is no restricting and omitting the things you love to long term success. If you can't see yourself sustaining it long term, then you probably shouldn't even start. Now, I'm not saying eat fast food every day because we know if you look at some of the documentaries out there that have done people that eat fast food three times a day for 30 days and what happens to them physiologically is not good. Fatty liver cholesterol numbers, you know all that stuff. The blood pressure goes through the roof, so we know that. But there's in this world and this ecosystem. Fasting should give you the control, and the cool thing is physiologically balance out those hormones long term to allow you to not have those cravings and build that healthy relationship with food.

Tommy Welling: [00:15:33] Yeah, absolutely. It's like it's a it's a it's a positive loop that that makes it a little bit easier as you get the ball rolling. And yeah, but like. You said it was incredible to see the support come in from everyone who's kind of in it like moving in the same direction and a lot of times it's that group movement and kind of community support that goes along with it that can really get you through some of those tough times.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:15:59] Here's a cool one, two point one kg down. Since I started and that was in seven days, she's like, Huh? Like what? With all the A's and the question marks and exclamation points. There's really nothing to expound on there other than that's the power of fasting and fast cycling. I love the hashtag win here. My thirty six inch pants are starting to bunch up at the waistline where I need to tighten my belt some more. Hello, size thirty fours. Long time. No. See? Great. I just love it. Yeah, it's incredible. So cool about food choices. So getting ready to break my fast with organic broccoli and carry gold butter was trying to push my fast a little bit, but decided that that now I'm going to break the fast tonight with dinner. There was some, some social things there where like she wanted to have dinner with the family, and that's perfect. But the celebration here was a hashtag win for me. I made the decision and I feel good about it.

Tommy Welling: [00:16:56] Nice. Yep. No guilt. No, no, no shame. No regret. Yes.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:17:00] Yes, yes. Yes, no, no guilt. No shame. So highlight a couple of episodes here, and then we'll get back into some of the celebration as well. Mm hmm. When we're looking at the. You know, come on. Like, where do I start, right? So some of the of our favorite episodes, but also some of the ones that have gotten most impact or feedback that we found is episode thirty nine where? And I thought that kind of segue perfectly out of that conversation we were just having. Episode thirty nine, how do we lose 30 pounds fasting? So like, people come to fasting. I want to lose 20 or 30 pounds. And in that episode, we talk about fasting like the calorie math, and we compare some of the standard fasting schedules, like alternate day fasting, one meal a day. Weight loss. We talk about plateaus and how to really like customize this for you. And that's kind of what I was hearing from the last couple of wins that we just shared is that they were able to regain that control.

Tommy Welling: [00:18:05] Yeah, because there's a lot of debate out there because, you know, if even if there's a consensus, OK, fasting is a powerful method, that's great. But then the next question is how should I do it? What's the best way to do it? Well, it depends on what your lifestyle is, what your goals are, how vigilant do you want to be to get that weight off? And and here's a way to kind of compare those different methods and kind of start to actually answer it rather than just give you more things more question marks, which is which is oftentimes what we hear out there.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:18:36] And another one would be episode sixty five. So that's common fasting myths. So avoiding common excuse me mistakes, not avoiding common fasting mistakes, graduating from like an intermittent 16:8 window to longer fast like mad breaking through some of those fasting frustrations or fasting fatigue. How to lower your insulin to burn more fat and lose more weight in a healthy way. So that's another episode that's, you know, if you're new to this, that's a good one to start with. I would also highlight our story. So episode one, which has more than 20000 downloads, I used to see a lot of patients in practice on me, and I know you interact with a lot of people as well in your line of work and with your history of the medical background and psychology and whatnot. But the fact that 20000 people have heard the story that has transformed our lives, I mean, that just makes me like, like, you know, those little hair stand up on my arms. Yeah, like, I don't know from where you are, you call it different things. I kind of get caught up in the air there. I was like, I call it goosebumps. Or do I a yeah, yeah, yeah. Or like, I don't know. There's other things, other other designations of what that's called. But just thinking that, you know, I used to do workshops in the clinic and we'd have 20 or 30 people and we do them every four to six weeks. Sure, that's a lot of workshops. Yeah, to have the same amount of impact. So I just love the fact that that if you're new, go back and listen to the original figure out why we're doing this. Learn a little bit more about who we are. And then from there, you know, it's always about. Taking the information, distilling it down and then every episode giving you something that you can take away actually take away and put into your day to day life. So yeah, highlights there of some of the episodes go on.

Tommy Welling: [00:20:24] What I was going to say was that, you know, before my fasting journey really started where I was, I could always pull up another question that would give me just a little bit more seed of doubt for like, why shouldn't I do fasting? Or Why shouldn't I push my window? Why shouldn't I try what other people are saying, you know, has has worked for them. So, you know, like part of part of what we address week to week is like a lot of those questions that kind of come up that that have had slowed our own progress, you know, in the past. And if we had the answer to that one little question, maybe we would have got started just a little bit sooner and we would have like opened our own eyes to the method. And that's just what I'm. I'm remembering that feeling as we kind of go back and look at some of these older titles and look at some of the topics that we've covered.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:21:20] Yeah, and there's there. I mean, we love them. All right, they're all our babies. So it's like trying to pick some out and be like, well, which ones are like the best ones to start with, right? It's it's another one that's great that wasn't even going to be on the list, but it just reminded me of like the things that will set you back in the beginning when you're trying to get some traction right with fasting or we've had we had a recent voicemail come in on our website, and I think we alluded to this in one of the episodes coming up. So I won't go back down the rabbit hole. So stop me, Tommy. But he mentions like I was doing intermittent fasting for like six years and just expecting like the result to be different is like when I finally got intentional with it and I stuck to, Oh my God, and I followed the plan. And then my blood pressure dropped 20 points in like a month. And he's like, Wait a minute. Six years versus like all it took was, I don't even. It might have been less than 30 days. I don't remember exactly.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:22:08] But so I thought of another thing that would be, you know, not, you know, I just can't get off the snide, so to speak. You know, hunger is one of those things that will set you back. So go back to listen. Episode Twenty Nine and we talk about the hunger. Like, What is hunger? Is it real? A lot of the times it's not if you've got, you know. Ten pounds on your body, that's thirty five thousand stored calories, stored energy. We're just not tapping into it, so that one just popped in my head. As we're going, we'll hop into some wins here. Hashtag win. Woo hoo. I made it thirty six hour fast first time ever. And this is the cool part for me here in this one. I'm doing this because I'm tired of being tired. Yes, I want to lose weight. But more importantly, I want to feel good. Be healthy, energetic. I want to try to reverse some of the damage that I've caused to my body by over the years, by all of the overeating that I didn't realize that I was even doing. So lots to unpack in that one.

Tommy Welling: [00:23:08] Yeah, there is. And you know, I love the first part and I am so proud. Like after she completed that fast. Like that's that is a proud moment. But yeah, like tired of being tired. I can completely relate to that. That's where I was over the years. And I know that that first time that you realized, wow, like I could go this long without eating something and feel like literally night and day better than than what I felt like yesterday and the day before that, and every other day before that, it's just it's incredible the power that's in it. And sometimes you're just knocking at that door, but you just got to kind of bust right through it.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:23:48] Yeah. Here's another one that came in a comment that came into us that said, I made it. I did my first 36 six hour fast. Thank you. I'm amazed that I didn't experience any hunger, any intense hunger pains or headaches or nausea like so excited to reach this goal. And just like so grateful that it was like, Oh, there's the breakthrough, there's the wind, there's the realization, like, Wait, I got this.

Tommy Welling: [00:24:11] Yeah, yeah, it's incredible. And then no

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:24:14] Hunger. Yeah, oh my god, why would you starve yourself? That seems so miserable. Oh, if I go three hours without eating? Yeah, that's right. Yeah, something's not right there. Like, you shouldn't be stuffing your face or grazing all day. And that's because insulin stays high, right? And then you can't get into those fat stores. And we'll talk about a couple of episodes here that kind of talk about metabolism in in 10000 steps, you know, the whole fitness tracker. Get my steps in kind of thing. We'll mention that here in a minute. Another good one here. I love this one hashtag NSV. So this is a non scale victory, right? Slept better last night than I've had in a long time. Saw a number on the scale that I haven't. I've been chasing a bit. This was cool because this was someone that had done a previous challenge with us back in the day and then just couldn't kind of get had some results, but then kind of got stuck right. Like life got in the way. Yeah. And then another 36 hour testimonial, like, I can't believe that getting to that thirty six hour mark like I feel better than I have forever in forever. And it also allowed her to break through a plateau.

Tommy Welling: [00:25:19] Yeah. And because she said, doing this on my own terms have not been working well. So I'm finally following this plan and it's working. And you know, it's it's really cool to see those breakthroughs.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:25:31] Here's some cool ones that we call this the marriage merge. Yeah. Husband says to the wife, your ankles aren't swollen like they've been lately. By the end of the day, smirky face hashtag NSV or hashtag NSV. Loose clothing. Yeah, new wardrobe we had. We had one guy who sent us a picture he donated like 40 suits.

Tommy Welling: [00:25:50] Oh man, they were nice.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:25:51] Suits, great. They were nice freakin suits. And he's like, That old me ain't ever going to wear those again. So he was like, Good bye. See you later.

Tommy Welling: [00:25:58] Yep, I'm out. Oh yeah, that was incredible. And as hashtag loose clothing?

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:26:04] Yep, it's so great. So great. Hashtag win. So this was someone that had said that the scale finally budged had been plateaued down five pounds in the last seven or 10 days. Some of that came out of one of our challenges and this is the cool part. This is where the rubber meets the road. For me personally with my health journey, with my dad coming off 14 medications and one hundred and twenty units of insulin and enough metformin to to put a horse in a coma. But this is the cool part of this testimony. The hashtag when P.S. still have not needed my heart meds, which my cardiologist confirmed I can take as needed blows my mind.

Tommy Welling: [00:26:50] Wow, that's yeah. That's incredible when you get something like that, because think back to that day where you go in there and they put you on the medication, right? And it's like your your

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:27:00] Body wants to be on medication. Like, No, in all honesty, like, nobody really wants that because when do you get off it right?

Tommy Welling: [00:27:07] There's no plan ever really to get off of that stuff. Like for the most part, it's not like you're getting antibiotics. You're just saying like, you're going to need this indefinitely. And then, you know, your chart gets stamped. You kind of stamp yourself with this label. And then all of a sudden, I'm just, you know, I'm on those medications. But to get that removed or like an as needed, I mean, that's that's incredible. I know exactly what she means by blows my mind. Like, never thought that that was possible.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:27:36] Nothing better than the messages we get. And we got a voicemail on our site that was like, yeah, diabetes diagnosis has been officially removed from my health records. Yeah, like super cool. Yeah. Go team. Here's another one from hashtag NSV. I'm just going to take one sentence out of this. I feel so hopeful for the first time in a very long time. Nothing else to expound on that. That's just it. Hashtag better than nothing, this is a cool one because it's when you set out speaking all of you to longtime fasters is fasting for life lifers? You OGs that have been with us? Old guard. It can mean that, or it can mean the other more Urban Dictionary type. I like to go with old guard. This person said I wasn't able to make it to my plan, throw our fast, but I did make it to twenty seven and that is a hashtag. When. Had a great meal. Feel satiated. Feel good is great. And now the clock starts. Now she's going into her next fast. But I love that ability to what we call pivot and make this apply to your life. Most weight loss plans and workout plans. They become your life like weighing your food and doing the meal planning and taking your supplements, and I'm not saying any of that is bad. But when you don't get the result, I mean, what's the point, right? So the freedom that can come with being able to pivot and make this make the birthday celebrations and the holidays and the date nights and all that stuff fit into your life, that's really why we called it fasting for life.

Tommy Welling: [00:29:20] Absolutely. Yeah, because, you know, with with other more those more complicated methods like how do you kind of wean off of those, like if you ever do reach that, you know, that maintenance goal, the long term goal, how do you how do you transition back into real life? Do you remember what that looks like or do you have a plan for that? And that can be like the really tough part because you like if you don't have an off ramp for it, it doesn't. It doesn't feel doable, and you may just kind of revert like like an all or nothing kind of situation. Yeah, a couple more here

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:29:53] Because we could just go. I mean, literally, we're not even through like one one hundredth of of the folder that we have, right? So just shout out me and like this, this is I could do this for hours like, I don't care dogs are going to go out. Kids are coming home like, No, just close my office doors. Let me just keep going. You might, I don't know, Tommy, like my voice, might get a little monotonous at times, but like, we're not going to do that to you, but we have a few more here that we want to highlight so. Episode eighty six is metabolism. We talk about metabolism and how fasting has a protective mechanism. When we use fasting windows from eighteen all the way up to seventy two hours, your growth hormone spikes, that's a really good one to go check out. And then episode eight, which is the ten thousand steps to know where and how those fitness trackers and the ten thousand step thing actually came out of a marketing campaign out of Japan, and it was translated incorrectly into the states. And what the data shows on your benefit. Are you really getting from getting your steps in? There is a benefit, but it's much less than 10000, and it can something as simple as walking. We have a couple of episodes on walking and just a simple walk post-dinner. And how much that can? That's episode seventy seven. Should I take a walk after dinner, something so simple as not having to commit to going to the gym six days a week, you know, after work, which you know, doesn't happen for most people, especially in the beginning, right? Or it's not sustainable long term. Something as simple as walking in those fitness trackers can give you some insight, but it's just one small, tiny piece of the puzzle. So go check out episode eight and then also episode. Seventy seven, which is the one that shows how powerful just simply walking after a meal, postprandial after a meal can be so.

Tommy Welling: [00:31:41] It's incredible. It's incredible. It's so simple, but so effective that the data doesn't lie. It's it's it's ridiculous. And it's almost like. But there can be that roadblock where you feel like a little bit of guilt. Like, No, no, no, don't I need to be, you know, just going to the gym more working out harder. But at the same time, if if that's at the wrong time during your fasting window or you're right after your eating window, you can it can make you a little bit hungrier. And it's not necessarily the holy grail like going to the gym more. It's not necessarily the answer to drop those, those those few pounds that you're looking to, to drop, you know.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:32:16] Yep, you're working out is important. It's great working out exercise. Yes, it's part of our our health plan, right? Yeah. But in the beginning, we actually recommend that if you're going to start doing intermittent fasting or more extended fast that you don't work out as vigorously if you're doing five to six days of high intensity workout a week workouts a week, and we break that down on those episodes. So it's really cool conversation about reframing the long term. You always say, begin with the end in mind. So a couple of stories here as we wrap up in the morning, give you a kind of a call to action on because Thanksgiving is two days away. So one of the coolest things that's come out of. This fasting for life is when someone sends a message in, you know, like that says so this evening instead of eating, I went shopping for school supplies for nine year old Cassandra. I've never met her, but she likes purple, so I got her a binder with purple flowers or purple pencil case and a purple backpack where I put the rest of the stuff on the list. She also likes Barbies, so I found a doll that does yoga seems appropriate for her. I had fun in doing it and brought some joy and was able to pass that along to a little girl in need. And she says so many people don't have a choice to skip meals. I'm grateful that I can, and I found a missing piece in my health and weight loss journey and that my job allows me to have a job that feeds my soul.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:33:35] So she took the I'm hungry. This is my normal habit. I'm going to go eat dinner at this time. And then when you know what, I'm going to go put this time to good use, and just that story speaks and embodies so much of the impact that we can have when we are a healthy. Vibrant individual, and that speaks to your story, Tommy, about planning your day with naps and figuring out how to have enough energy to be with the kids and write my sleeping issues and stress of running a multidisciplinary clinic and being, you know, 80 hours a week in practice and not being there for the kids and my wife and my family, and the fact that our health becomes the most important thing when we lose it. Mm hmm. And the fact that we can see these stories of, you know, I'm taking this opportunity that I have to not eat and go spread joy and spread impact, and when we are healthy and vibrant, we have the ability to go and do those things more than when we are on the struggle bus, trying to get control of the scale and our metrics and our numbers and our doctors visits and et cetera. So the impact just continues to go from there. It's incredible.

Tommy Welling: [00:34:52] It is incredible. It's incredible what we are capable of as as the possibilities start opening up and as the energy comes up just a little bit. And then we go, Yeah, you know what I have, I have more energy than I'm used to. What else can I do with this? What kind of impact can I start to have within my household, then within my community? And, you know, maybe even bigger than that, like, it's incredible.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:35:15] Yeah, yeah. So I'm gonna do rat a tat tat here, and then we're going to we're going to exit today's celebration of the one hundredth episode of Fasting for Life. And just again, a heartfelt shout out to you guys that are listening the fasting for life crew. You guys are on this journey with us. We're working on new programs and new projects and new resources and calorie debt counters and insulin friendly insulin assessments and, you know, insulin friendly food lists and the lifestyle. And just we're just listening and working and having fun, but we couldn't be doing it or we wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for all the stories that we shared today and all of the messages that you send and all of the comments and all of the encouragement and all the

Tommy Welling: [00:35:55] Fuel, this is our this is our fuel right here.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:35:57] Yeah, the relational component. We've always wanted to make it conversation that is in our intro. If you've been with us for awhile, maybe you don't listen to it anymore. But our intro literally says, like, we want this to be a conversation, and we're getting to a point where we need help because there's so many of you that are talking to us. It's like, Wow, but it's really cool to see. So yeah, a couple just like rat a tat tat down six pounds. So 20 total since you started in June with a sixteen vacation, in 16 day vacation in between only another 30 to go or until I feel comfortable. I know what choices I need to make with my food, and that's going to only improve my weight loss, but I love the fact that this is a perfect Segway into Thanksgiving in two days, Tommy. So two things that we can do on Thanksgiving that can make it a successful holiday and not be like, Nah, I'll start fasting again on Monday.

Tommy Welling: [00:36:53] Yeah, boundaries. It's all about those boundaries, like set set an intentional window for Thanksgiving. It doesn't have to be that this is the end of the year. My progress has stopped. We can enjoy the day and and set a boundary and be intentional with it. I really like for a holiday like a four hour window, just choosing choosing that, that important meal, even if you're going to go to multiple places and things like that. It doesn't have to be an all day insulin fest where you just feel awful at the end of the day and super tired and all the insulin. So, you know, make it make it an intentional window, right?

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:37:34] Intentionality goes a long way. So I couldn't speak more to how different the holidays were for me after losing the 50 pound or forty eight and a half pounds and 50 days and keeping it off and just enjoying the holiday and not having to worry about the black shirt if it's clean. So I can feel comfortable after eating and not saying no to the desserts and and just being concerned of I'm going to be tired after the meal and and it was just so crazy to see the difference of just putting, like you said, that four hour window and not eating at every stop because we had three stops, right? We're very blessed to have family at that time in the area. And, you know, we had three different engagements and no one noticed that I only ate at one of them. But I'm telling you the next day, I felt great and I was looking forward to those leftovers. So set your boundaries. Don't worry, everybody is going to be busy and you can still have grandma's hand-me-down recipe of the of the special pie or the cake or the cookie or the whatever it is, but put some boundaries and some intentionality around it. And you're going to see just it's going to be a completely different experience.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:38:42] And if you missed out on the challenge, Tommy, sadly, that was our last one for the year. So maybe we didn't do a good enough job promoting it or motivating you to get on board, but that is finalized like today is the last day of our last seven day challenge live challenge seven day wrap up challenge for the year. Don't worry, we've got seven on this calendar for next year. We're working on trying to fit in in eighth, but so we've got a lot of opportunities coming, but we know what happens when we delay. We know what happens when we wait. And what I want to encourage you guys to do is go to the website WW w v fasting for life, and you can find our 10 day DIY version of our challenge. So this is one of the most successful challenges that we did. It's a 10 day challenge. You're going to have all the resources, you're going to have the content, you're going to have the daily videos, you're going to have the recipe packs all of that stuff. Go to the website and go to What's it? What's the tab on the website?

Tommy Welling: [00:39:44] Tommy, yeah, it's under training and it's called the ten days. Yeah, ten day fasting ramp up course. Yeah, yep.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:39:50] So good. Go get the course. It'll get you into the ecosystem. It'll give you the accountability. Send us a message through the product through the website. Info and fasting for LFCTV. Go to the Training tab. Ww D Fasting for life. If you missed out and you, I'm encouraging you not to wait till the to. The next challenge is going to be at the end of January because we know the holidays are upon us. Tommy, thank you so much for being on this journey with me. One hundred episodes, sir. Shout out to you because without you, we wouldn't be doing this. And I'm just grateful as we go into the holidays that we've been able to kind of celebrate this journey and just have this this amazing following in group of people that are on board with what it is that we're trying to do.

Tommy Welling: [00:40:37] Yeah, thank you. I mean, it's it's been an incredible ride so far. Who would have thought we'd be here at episode one hundred? But you know, you guys just just another shout out to everyone listening and the incredible winds. And I know there's there's so many more that we haven't, you know, we don't have unlimited time to talk about or they may, you know, they may not have even shared them with us, you know, but keep sharing those wins and keep spreading the message and the good word, you know? And you know, speaking of spreading the message, we even have a new spot on the website, too, where you'll be able to see some of that wall of fame. So we're going to start out. Yeah, displaying that so so everyone can can kind of see more of those stories and get their own little, you know, inspiration. So if you want to be added to that, send us a review and send us a note and we'll you know, you may find your your own story on the wall of fame, too.

Dr. Scott Watier: [00:41:31] Yeah, we're on page 17 of these messages that we get from you guys. We have like three hundred, so that Wall of fame is going to be a place where you need just a little bit more. You know, we're not we're not in the middle of a challenge, right? We don't have a new podcast episode that's dropped or where do I go for inspiration? Well, this is going to be the longest long form page of celebration that we could ever come up with. We need a place to put this stuff because it's everywhere. It's in Facebook Messenger. It's in my inbox. It's in my it's my old email before we transport it into the new emails that's on the website. It's on the bot. Like, No, where do you go to be insulated to have the encouragement that you're looking for in that accountability? Go to the wall of fame. It's going to be really cool stuff, Tommy. So awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the states. Enjoy the holiday. Put those boundaries in. Go to the website. Get the 10 day course. You've got a lot of different things you can do, but I'm going to encourage you that now is the time. Don't fall back into the excuses of it's the holidays. You got what you need if you're new. Send us a message. We'd love to hear from you, Tommy. Thank you, sir, and we'll talk soon.

Tommy Welling: [00:42:36] Thank you. Bye. So you've heard today's episode, and you may be wondering, where do I start? Head on over to fasting for life and sign up for our newsletter, where you'll receive fasting tips and strategies to maximize results and fit fasting into your day to day life while you're there. Download your free

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