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Ep. 68 - Good Fasting Habits more important than Longer Fasts for Fat Loss? Sticking to long-term health goals | Health Coaching & Accountability, Power in a Social Fasting Group | Free Intermittent Fasting OMAD Plan

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy examine how to actually form a new habit, in and out of the fasting and health worlds. Long-term changes can be difficult to begin and even harder to see them through to the finish line, so they find what the...

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Ep. 47 - Maintaining long-term weight loss | Weight regain, Breaking old food choice habits, Limited Willpower | Your WHY and Mindset Shifts | Lifestyle pivots to support weight loss | Free Intermittent Fasting OMAD Plan

Struggle Bus | Regain Train | Fish Burgers


In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy examine a review study that analyzes weight loss...

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Ep. 46 - What to eat when fasting | Do low carb diets stop working? | Is the Mediterranean diet healthy? | Meal plans to lower insulin, increase metabolism, and control blood sugar with keto, carnivore, VLCD | Free Intermittent Fasting Plan

Low Carb Struggles | Lifelong Habits | Mediterranean Power
ANNOUNCEMENT: 10-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge begins 12-3-20! Details and register at www.thefastingforlife.com/live
In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy review the...
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Ep. 14 - FAQs, Fasting Myths, Stomach Pains while Fasting | Eating Windows for Better Sleep | Forming New Habits Starting with a Free Intermittent Fasting Plan

Gastric Distress | Q & A | Sleep Habits

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy answer questions from listeners. They have received lots of questions, feedback and insights, and they want to keep the conversation going. They discuss gastric...

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