Ep. 51 - The 12 Days of Fasting (Part I), Simple Tips to Lose Fat, Lower Blood Sugar & Insulin Spikes | Intermittent Fasting & OMAD, Exercise to increase Insulin Sensitivity | Free OMAD Intermittent Fasting Plan

Dec 15, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss the 12-Days of Fasting and how there are 12 simple ways to reduce the blood sugar spikes and insulin resistance that cause weight gain and retention,...

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Ep. 41 - Weight Loss Predicts Diabetes and High Blood Sugar Reversal | Lowering BMI, A1C, Insulin, Metformin | Diabetes Prevention, Autophagy Promotion | OMAD One Meal a Day Free Fasting Plan

Oct 06, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss encouraging scientific findings that point to actual long-term reversal of blood sugar imbalances and full-blown diabetes. The "management" of blood...

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