Ep. 223 - 42 Surprising Factors That Affect Blood Glucose: Stress, Sleep, Alcohol & More | Optimizing Insulin Sensitivity & Preventing Diabetes | Personalized Nutrition & Microbiome Impact | Nutrisense CGM

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2024

In today’s episode, we discuss 42 factors that affect blood glucose, emphasizing the importance of understanding how individual behaviors, environments, medications, and biological factors can impact blood sugar levels. We explore how fasting can be a powerful tool in managing and improving blood sugar regulation, and highlight key areas such as food choices, hydration, stress, and the timing of meals and exercise. We encourage listeners to take actionable steps, like consulting the Fast Start guide and joining the Fasting for Life community for support, to incorporate fasting into their lifestyles for better health outcomes. We assert that the best fasting protocol is sustainable and fits seamlessly into one's daily routine for ultimate success!



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