Ep. 222 - Women Need More Sleep for Optimal Insulin Sensitivity | Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Metabolic Health | Prioritizing Sleep Over Morning Exercise | Improving Fasting Results with Earlier Eating Windows | Join the Fasting Challenge

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2024


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In today’s episode, we discuss the integral role of sleep, particularly for women, in maintaining insulin sensitivity and overall health, emphasizing that sleep is often neglected but critically affects metabolic health. We explore a study revealing that even mild sleep deprivation can worsen insulin resistance without affecting body weight and also delve into optimal timing for exercise. We address the misconception that OMAD (one meal a day) dinners are superior and share resources for improving fasting strategies and sleep hygiene. Lastly, we announce upcoming changes to the podcast to enhance listener support and their mission to combat obesity and diabetes with a fasting lifestyle.


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