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All the time that you are not eating, you are fasting, so yes! Meal timing and giving the body time without food are essential parts of everyday life and healthy living. This has been true for thousands of years and continues to be true today.

Headaches are a common complaint after a break in normal eating routines, such as while traveling or missing a meal. These are often caused by fluctuations in blood pressure, hydration, and electrolytes, and they usually go away after eating. Small changes like these are all very sensitive to insulin levels, because elevated insulin causes water retention. Eating all day without extended periods with no food causes insulin levels to stay elevated and leads to excess water retention. Fasting helps correct normal insulin levels by allowing time for cells to become re-sensitized to insulin, which is crucial after years of accumulating insulin resistance from eating too frequently. As insulin levels stabilize, water retention decreases in the body, making it less sensitive to "hunger headaches." These will often  diminish or resolve completely after fasting becomes part of a daily routine. 

A "fast" is any deliberate time without food, from hours to days to weeks. The term "intermittent" refers to the recurring and predictable schedule followed by millions of people to guide their eating timing. Fasting is about freedom and control, and these can be found through shorter and longer fasts, which can be used strategically as needed to obtain the results you're looking for.

Yes, but not in the ways we've been told! Our bodies do not require three square meals per day plus snacks. Modern food schedules and social norms were created for convenience, camaraderie, and commercial gain.

Our bodies are perfectly adapted for periods of feasting and fasting. Modern lifestyles in developed countries become centered around feasting with very little fasting to restore the essential balance in our bodies and lives. Eating throughout the day keeps blood sugar and insulin levels much higher than they should be, signaling the body to store fat rather than burn it. This is responsible for the energy and hunger roller coaster many of us experience each day and overrides our natural hunger cues. Instead of knowing when we are truly hungry, we feel other fluctuations and use food to minimize them. Often times this is combined with eating too often and mostly carbohydrate and protein-rich foods which perpetuates the cycle and promotes further fat storage.

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The Fasting for Life podcast is about regaining your health by simplifying your life. Fad diets, weight loss plans, and nutritional coaching are everywhere, and there is a vast amount of (mis)information available, but our healthcare model is failing! More people suffer from preventable diseases than ever! Through their struggles and successes, Tommy and Scott bring you actionable information that can lead to long term transformation.

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Dr. Scott Watier is one of the co-creators of Fasting For Life. He sits on the Growth Advisory Board of a successful group of multidisciplinary health clinics in the midwest.

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Tommy is a co-creator of Fasting For Life. He earned degrees in human physiology and psychology, focusing on clinical application of laboratory research and optimizing patient outcomes.


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